Corporate Profile

Listed on the main board of HKEX in 1991 and acquired by Shougang Group and CK Hutchison Holdings Limited in 1992, Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited (“Shougang Concord”) is the flagship listed company in Hong Kong under Shougang Group and one of the earliest Hong Kong red chips. Its main business includes operation and management of parking assets and urban renewal. Shougang Concord holds one Hong Kong listed company as associate, namely Shougang Fushan Resources Group Limited. The key shareholders of the Company are Shougang Group, NWS Group, HOPU, Orix Group, JD Digits, CIMC Group, and MatrixPartners China.

It is the mission of Shougang Concord to become the leading listed company providing comprehensive urban services in Hong Kong. Being competitive in different economic circles with robust cash flow and well established operations. Shougang Concord always endeavors to create the highest possible value for its shareholders and enable the investors to maximize their returns. It is also Shougang Concord’s mission to become one of the best employers who makes its best efforts to offer more benefits for its employees in return of their contributions.

Corporate Structure

As at 21 Feb 2020

Board of Directors

Executive Directors

Zhao Tianyang (Chairman)

Xu Liang

Liang Hengyi (Managing Director)

Non-executive Directors

Li Yinhui

Liu Jingwei

Ho Gilbert Chi Hang

Li Hao

Independent Non-executive Directors

Wang Xin

Choi Fan Keung Vic

Deng Yougao

Zhang Quanling

Qiao Yongyuan

Chairman's Statement


  • Zhao Tianyang Chairman of the Board

    Mr. Zhao is in charge of strategic planning and overall management of the company. He is the deputy general manager of Shougang Group and CEO of Shougang Fund. Mr. Zhao holds a bachelor degree in science, a master degree in economics from Peking University and an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

  • Liang Hengyi Managing Director

    Mr. Liang is responsible for execution of the business process of the company and holds a doctorate in economics from Peking University.

  • Li Wei President of Regional Development and Service Group

    Mr. Li is responsible for regional expansion business and holds a master degree in management from Renmin University of China.

  • Zhang Meng President of Urban Renewal Group

    Ms. Zhang is responsible for Urban Renewal business and holds a master degree in law from the University of Tubingen, Germany.

  • Wang Zhijian Chief Investment Officer

    Mr. Wang is responsible for the equity investment business and holds a master degree in philosophy and an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) degree from Tsinghua University.

  • Liu Shuyi Deputy General Manager / Chief Product Officer

    Mr. Liu is responsible for product design and cost management. He holds a bachelor degree in architecture from Wuhan Urban Construction Institute ( Huazhong University of Science and Technology).

  • Liang Lixia Deputy General Manager

    Ms. Liang is responsible for the acquisition and equity investment of real estate and holds a bachelor degree in agriculture from Northeast Forestry University.

  • Xia Xiaohong General Manager Assistant

    Ms. Xia is responsible for human resources and holds a master degree in economics from Tsinghua University.

  • Yu Lei General Manager Assistant

    Mr. Yu is responsible for bidding and procurement, security, and disposal of non-performing assets. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Renmin University of China.

  • Meng Ziyang Board Secretary

    Mr. Meng is responsible for capital operation, corporate governance and risk management. He holds a master degree in law from the University of Tubingen, Germany, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from European School of Management and Technology, Germany.

  • Lin Yan Deputy Financial Officer

    Ms. Lin is responsible for financial management and holds a master degree in management from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.


The Company is listed in Hong Kong since 1991 and was one of the first "red chips" with a diversified portfolio of assets. Since 2017, the Company is undergoing a transformation with its main business changing to car parking assets operation and management business and urban renewal-oriented private fund management business.


Feb 2020 Included in HSSI and thereafter is expected to be an eligible stock of Shenzhen-Hongkong Stock Connect
Jan 2020 Obtained Baoding city-level parking lot project,and made new porgress in the company’s regional projects


Dec 2019 Introducing JD Digits as a new strategic shareholder, contributing to better equity structure
Nov 2019 Formed a partnership with Shenzhen Wanwu?(a subsidiary of Vanke Service Co., Ltd.), establishing a foundation for the extensive cooperation in parking field
Oct 2019 Successfully?obtained?the operating right of car parking buildings and lots in Beijing Capital International Airport for a term of 15 years,?signifying?that the Company?is highly?recognized?by the market in the airport parking building operation area in China?and has become a leading enterprise in this subdivided area
Sep 2019 Beijing Daxing International Airport Parking Building?has been put into operation, bringing comfortable parking experience to customers with its high-tech applications and high-quality service
Aug 2019 Released interim results of 2019 which demonstrates that the profitability of main business has been promoted significantly, and declared an interim dividend in the total amount of HK$200 million
May 2019 Assigned Long Term Hematite Supply Agreement, thus further reducing the scale of iron ore trading business, practicing the Group’s business development strategy
May 2019 Introduced National Council for Social Security Fund, PRC (“SSF”) and北京首钢产业转型基金有限公司 (Beijing Shougang Industry Transformation Fund Co., Ltd.*) as investors to establish funds so as to invest in 新首钢高端产业综合服务区 (New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park*)
Apr 2019 Hopu and MatrixPartners China became strategic shareholders, further optimizing the equity structure
Mar 2019 Completed acquisition and capital increase of 北京京西创业投资基金管理有限公司(京西创业) (Beijing Jingxi Venture Capital Fund Management Co., Ltd.*) (Jingxi Venture), deepening its main business
Mar 2019 Declared dividend distribution plan for the years from 2019 to 2022, rewarding shareholders’ supports and trust
Mar 2019 Released annual report of 2018, which shows significant improvement of key performance indicators, and declared an annual dividend for the year 2018 in the total amount of HK$200 million
Feb 2019 Cooperate with nominal holders of Beijing Fengtai District government financial funds and Shougang Fund to establish funds, contributing to the development of Fengtai District


Dec 2018 completed the acquisition of Urban Parking (Beijing) Limited (富城(北京)停車管理有限公司), demonstrating the synergistic effect of strategic shareholders
Nov 2018 published the announcement concerning the Company’s restructuring, which is to sell all shares of Shougang Century that the Company holds, in order to focus on the main business
Oct 2018 won the bid of the operation right of Carpark No.1 and No.3 of Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport, strengthening the Company’s leading position in the field of car parking management of airports
Sep 2018 ORIX Group became one of the Company’s strategic shareholders, further optimizing the equity structure
Aug 2018 released interim results of 2018, which indicates that the transformation has achieved initial success and shows a turnaround in the business performance
Jul 2018 entered into the strategic investment agreement with Shoushi Company, pursuant to which, the Company intends to act as a limited partner to make capital contribution of not more than RMB150 million to the Partnership
Jun 2018 carried out strategic cooperation with Didi Chuxing Technology Co., intending to cooperate in the field of setting up intelligence platform of car parking business, sharing parking, promoting new energy and providing vehicle services
Jun 2018 Tangshan Smart City Static Transportation Industry Development Co., Ltd. was established, which means a city-level cooperation platform in Tangshan was formed
May 2018 NWS Holdings Limited became one of the Company’s strategic shareholders
May 2018 The Beijing Shougang Industrial Transformation Fund Limited was established to support the development of Shougang Park
Apr 2018 released the annual report of 2017 and the Chairman’s Statement affirmed the Company’s strategic transformation
Mar 2018 CIMC Group became one of the Company’s strategic shareholders


Dec 2017 Completion of acquisition of private fund management and car park operation business in the PRC


Dec 2016 Disposed Qinhuangdao business, include steel manufacturing, mineral exploration and processing business


Jun 2010 Installed 'Ultra thick slab caster' and new 'Roughing mill' in Shouqin, increasing the products diversity and production capacity of the Group.


Dec 2009 Further increase its equity stake in Fushan Resources to 1.31 billion shares (equivalent to about 24.4%) by acquiring 100 million shares from an existing shareholder
Dec 2009 Increased its equity stake in Fushan Resources to 1.21 billion shares (equivalent to about 22.6% stake) via disposal of entire interest in Mt. Gibson
Sep 2009 Increased its equity stake in Fushan Resources to 1 billion shares (equivalent to about 20% stake)
Aug 2009 The 68%-owned Shouqin Longhui began its pellet plant operation
Apr 2009 Qinhuangdao Shouqin Steels Machining and Delivery Company Limited commenced operation
Feb 2009 Acquired 550 million shares (equivalent to about 12% stake) in Fushan Resources
Jan 2009 Acquired 154 million shares (equivalent to about 14.3% stake) in Mt. Gibson by exercising the subscription and underwriting agreements


Nov 2008 Entered into off-take agreements with Mt. Gibson for iron-ore supply to the Group
Nov 2008 Entered into subscription agreement and underwriting agreement with Mount Gibson Iron Limited (Mt. Gibson) for subscription of 110 million shares and underwriting a maximum of 50 million shares of Mt. Gibson
Jun 2008 Disposed of the electricity generation operation
May 2008 Establishment of Shouqin Longhui to develop local iron-ore resources


Jun 2007 Acquired 28 million shares (equivalent to about 6.4% stake) in Australasian Resources Limited for A$28m
Jun 2007 Disposed of the kitchen and laundry equipment installation segment
Feb 2007 Transferred a 20% equity interest in Shouqin to Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., reducing the Group's stake to 76%


Nov 2005 Increased its stake to 96% in Shouqin


Dec 2004 Increased its equity stake in QZP to 100%
Oct 2004 Increased its equity stake in QZP to 98%
Aug 2004 Increased its equity stake in Shouqin to 51%


Oct 2003 QZP acquired a 24% stake in Qinhuangdao Shouqin Metal Materials Company Limited (Shouqin)


Jul 1994 Acquired a 51% interest in Qinhuangdao Shougang Plate Mill Company Limited (QZP)


Nov 1993 Establishment of Shougang Concord Shipping Group
Jul 1993 Tung Wing Steel Holdings Limited (Tung Wing) was renamed as Shougang Concord International Enterprises Company Limited


Oct 1992 A consortium comprising Shougang Corporation, Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd and CEF Holdings Ltd acquired a controlling stake in Tung Wing