Urban Renewal
Our advantages:

The natural endowment of resources of Shougang Park: Covering an area of 8.63 square kilometers, it is the only area in the urban area of Beijing for large-scale development. Embracing Shijingshan and adjacent to Yongding River, there is abundant ecological and cultural resources.

Mature business development mode of real estate fund£ºThe main fund business entity of Shougang Int¡¯l has been involved in the development business of Shougang Group for a long time, accumulating rich experience of investment and financing.

Industry opportunities:

Urgent need for a high-quality industrial park in western Beijing£ºHigh-end commercial complexes and apartments are still scarce in the western urban areas of Beijing. As the business environment is lagging behind, and there is a lack of high value-added industries, there is in urgent need for high-quality industrial parks to lead industry development.

Urbanization slowing down highlights industrial opportunity£ºAfter more than 30 years of rapid urbanization, China has shifted from the incremental real estate development to the stock real estate renewal, and urban renewal industry emerges development opportunities.

Light asset development mode and operation mode: ¡°Fund+Base+Industry¡±
  • 01

    introducing investors£¬leveraging social capital

    introducing social capital, together with SCIE and Shougang
  • 02

    establishing land development fund

    SCIE serving as the GP and fund manager of the Land Development Fund
  • 03

    developing projects

    leading land development projects, serving for development and construction of Shougang Park
  • 04

    introducing high-quality property

    developing, managing and operating, realizing the introduction and accumulation of high-quality property
  • 05


    exiting by means of real estate financial instruments such as ABS and REITS and so on

Through introducing high-quality investors such as Tishman Speyer, National Council for Social Security Fund, China Life, and Agricultural Bank of China to establish funds, so as to develop Shougang Park. By May 2019, the scale of funds raised by Shougang Int¡¯l has achieved RMB 40 billion.

Acquisition mode of real estate funds:
  • 1


    Purchasing properties need to be reconstructed and high-quality properties

  • 2

    restoring value

    carrying out capital operation, introducing long-term capital, and establishing real estate funds so that to improve the management and value and introduce resources.

  • 3


    exiting through various ways such as REITS and ABS

Examples of urban renewal:

¡ª Qiaomengyuan Project

The company deeply involved in Qiaomengyuan Project that is the Company¡¯s first iconic project of land development, which starts a new chapter of land development, construction, and operation.

Through trustee leasing, the Company reconstructed the old office building. It makes profits via attracting investment and project operation. The total floor area of the building is 10000 square meters, the reconstruction of which now has been completed, laying a foundation for the development, construction and operation of the second phase of World Overseas Chinese Businessmen Innovation Center.